What is the process for porting a number from DCS before canceling your DCS service?

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Follow the general process described below to ensure your number is available for porting to a new carrier when you are closing your DCS account. If you cancel your DCS Service before you port your number, DCS cannot guarantee your number will be available for porting. 

NOTE: The following is a suggested process; consult your new carrier for their specific porting process.

  • Request an LOA from the new provider.
  • Complete and submit the LOA to the new provider. The new provider will work directly with the DCS third-party carrier regarding your number porting request. The DCS carrier will verify your account information. DCS has no control over the port out of your number.
  • Notify DCS that your number has been ported to a new provider to ensure it is removed from the DCS network. You must notify DCS because it gets no notification of your number being ported away from DCS otherwise. 
  • After your number has been ported to your new provider, notify and confirm cancellation of your DCS service per the DCS terms of Service agreement.  Porting numbers away from DCS is NOT notification of service cancellation.  Failure to cancel your service per the DCS Terms of Service agreement will result in continued billing.

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