What do I do if I have audio delay and I am using a Sonicwall firewall?

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ISSUE:  Sporadic audio delay in calls across 2 peers that had Sonicwall firewalls.  The calls connect, but audio is delay 8-10 seconds.

Disable "Single Sign On" on the Sonicwall or exclude the Switchvox from the Single Sign On lookup.


The way Single Sign On works:

When a computer on the network requests access through the Sonicwall, the Sonicwall communicates with an agent running on a server on the network which looks up what user is logged on at that IP address.
Once the user is identified, they are cross-referenced to their Active Directory group and assigned an Internet Content Filter policy based on their group membership.
This allows for different content filter policies to be defined for different users, and those policies follow users around regardless of which computer they are logged into.

When the Switchvox would attempt to connect, the Single Sign On agent would perform a lookup, and since the Switchvox isn't logged into the domain, the lookup would timeout and it would be assigned the default filter policy

SIP traffic would flow between devices, but the RTP stream wasn't able to start until the Sonicwall granted access and started the flow of data.
Once the IP address had been looked up, the Sonicwall would cache it and subsequent calls would go through just fine until the cached entry was pruned out and the Single Sign On agent had to do a look up again.

What do I do if I have audio delay and I am using a Sonicwall firewall?
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